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Grow your portofolio with unique real estate and venture capital deals

Access new investment opportunities in Private Equity. Co-invest with top VCs and business angels, monitor your risk and diversify your portfolio according to your objectives.

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Investing in unlisted companies entails specific risks: total or partial loss of the capital invested, illiquidity of the securities whose resale may be uncertain or even impossible. The higher the interest rate, the greater the risk of capital loss or unpaid interest of interest.

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Investment in exclusive private equity deals around the world
ROI & Timeline: Yield of 11.4%
Invest in shares or bonds to diversify your revenue models
ROI & Timeline: Manage your risks
Target assets with controlled risk and collateralized investments
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Audited projects

All projects offered on EquiSafe Invest are carried out by crowdfunding professionals. The audit department of EquiSafe Invest analyzes each project to ensure it meets specific selection criteria for their offer.

A transparent service

At EquiSafe Invest, you benefit from the greatest transparency regarding your investments. On your investor profile, you are regularly informed about the progress of your investment, throughout its duration.

A concrete investment

Savings that go into real estate and private equity contribute to the real economy. Indeed, we source technological deals, early stage, and private equity as well as real estate deals to diversify and secure your capital.

Available teams

The teams at EquiSafe Invest are available to assist you with your investment projects. Do not hesitate to contact them; they are there to provide answers to your questions.


Discover how leading companies are using Equisafe to streamline their events and seize new opportunities

Melissa J

Melissa J

Project manager

"Equisafe is synonymous with reliability. Their secure platform has provided me with the peace of mind I need to invest with confidence. Furthermore, their attentive follow-up and responsive customer service have been remarkable. I am pleased to have found such a secure and professional platform to manage my investments."

Laura S

Laura S


"I chose to invest in bonds through crowdfunding for the relative security they offer compared to stocks. The returns are lower, but more stable and predictable, which is ideal for my long-term investment strategy."

Arthur D

Arthur D

Product Manager

"Each project is presented clearly and transparently, with detailed information about the objectives, teams, and growth prospects. The post-investment follow-up is excellent."

Jean-Pierre B

Jean-Pierre B


"Investing in bonds seemed like a good way to receive regular income. The crowdfunding platform I use offers a varied selection of corporate and municipal bonds, allowing me to easily diversify my portfolio."

Chloé P

Chloé P

Human resources director

"Crowdfunding for bonds gave me the opportunity to explore investments in sectors I'm particularly interested in, like sustainable development. The detailed information provided by the platform greatly aids in making informed decisions."

Fatima M

Fatima M


"What attracted me to bond crowdfunding was the ability to invest in tangible projects like local infrastructure development. Seeing the direct impact of my investments is very rewarding."

Edouard L

Edouard L

Real estate negotiator

"You're welcome! Their platform offers a diversified range of investment opportunities, all presented in a clear and transparent manner. Thanks to Equisafe, I've been able to make informed decisions and maximize my returns."

Thomas T

Thomas T


"I've always been interested in alternative investments. The bonds offered on crowdfunding platforms allow me to invest in businesses and projects that I understand and support, with relatively moderate risk."

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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the structure of the investment. Some investments in crowdfunding are very illiquid, meaning you might have difficulty selling your stake. Others may offer planned exit options.

It is crucial to examine the project's business plan, the team's background and experience, and the target market. An analysis of financial projections and potential exit strategies is also carried out by Equisafe teams.

Funds raised are generally used to start or expand business operations, develop products or services, or cover marketing and distribution costs. Specific details are described in the project's business plan.

You need to create an account on the Equisafe platform, choose a project that meets your investment criteria, and follow the instructions to invest.

Returns can vary depending on the type of crowdfunding. For equity crowdfunding, returns usually come from dividends or capital gains on shares. For loan crowdfunding, returns take the form of interest paid on the loaned amount.

In the event of a project failure, investors could lose all or part of their investment. The nature of crowdfunding means that returns are not guaranteed and depend on the success of the funded project.

The risks can include project non-completion, delivery delays, or the company's inability to generate anticipated profits. Investments in startups or early-stage companies also carry a high risk of capital loss.

Yes, Equisafe charges transaction fees or management fees. These fees are clearly indicated on the platform.

Serious platforms implement various protection measures, such as thorough project verifications, and analyses by expert financial tools for obtaining valuation reports or ratings. Each financial loan is made with a guarantee.

We provide regular reporting on project progress available for each project. As an investor, you can also access periodic reports and meetings with entrepreneurs.

In general, financial investments carry risks, and participatory investment as proposed by Equisafe Invest is no exception. Despite all the precautions taken, there is no zero risk of losing your funds. Therefore, make sure to diversify your investments and only invest what you can afford to lose.

Risk of partial or total loss of invested capital: although the risk of capital loss is mitigated by diversification of investments, there is no guarantee of recovering the invested capital.

Risk of variability in return: depending on the investment universe, the returns provided can be more or less variable. However, even with a stable underlying investment such as real estate, no one can guarantee that the investment company's objective will be achieved.

Risk of illiquidity: depending on the financial security, a private sale may be organized. However, it is not a listed market and there is no guarantee of income or liquidity.